January 11, 2016 

     “The absence of messages but the number of tones heard indicates there is much activity. We are aware that the frustration level has increased. This is understandable. Remember this when the messages start to flow.

     There will not only be multible messages but numerous entities sending help and or information. They are ready and waiting. It is difficult when steps needed are progressing but not visible to earth. The awareness of turmoil on earth has spread and as an obvious result the increase in the reaction that individuals manifest. There are some individuals who are much more stressed and tangled with fear than is viewable.

     We talk now of preparation. Taking the first step we know the reaction will be ‘how do we prepare when we don’t know what we are preparing for’. Previously, we have been vague about future happenings, but as we get closer in the steps taken we can be more specific. SOUND has been mentioned but this time the Sound Vibration will be more evident. We believe that at first it will be annoying but as the tones divide and increase the vibration of sound will become more evident. For those who have a higher intensity reaching them for the first time it will be frightening. For those who are used to tones from above, it will be more like a mild annoyance. This is when Mental Control is necessary, a deliberate substituting of an image or control as to the effect. This, of course, depends on individual reactions. Children will also be affected but more open to some sky explanation.

     Balance attained must be a quicker response at buffering, This is done by mental intent – strong willpower or a circle of color energy surrounding the head. We have spoken of BLUE. See it, feel it, surround yourself with it. The Tones may shift in an up and down manner, be straight as a pointed missle or have deep booming sounds. If the pattern is more than one of these you can see that it would take unusual control to shift from one to another. Turning on music as a distraction is not a good idea. Sheltering may be helpful – being surrounded by something that buffers – a room, a door, whatever makes a difference.” 

     Coming soon will be small signs of a beginning based on the sensitivity of each individual. It is best, in this case, not to bring it to other people’s attention. They will know soon enough. In conversation, keep the comments simple – ‘a celestial sound, what it feels like, or more accurate tones for the earth, Mother Earth, an assistant to change’.

     It has been a long, long wait. The turmoil of water and flooding has been an evident sign.. It is when the ‘signs’ speed up, one after another that indicates a time for creating strength from within and surprisingly, patience. Separate yourself from others when quietness is needed. If this is not possible, enlist others to take a few moments and breathe a calming breath.

     There will be help, we have said that repeatedly. Like picking up a phone, you have to connect or listen for a connection. This may take the form of careful listening. Each individual must choose what works best and follow inner direction. I say to you, look now more often, not only to the Sky but also your surroundings., Notice and look keenly at nature. Listen, listen. I will return shortly.



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