January 12, 2016

     # 1.     (This is for both. Short but important. (Present on the phone was the one who posts the messages.) 

     “The time is here and speed will become the pattern. You can see that it is easy to be distracted. Knowing that there is a feeling of a message requires now instant, fast response. This is true of not just you but particularly the Light Workers. Also, those who have gaining insight and on the right path need to shift into a fast mode of awareness and action. It is not enough to hear or plan a future response. It is important for all who are learning to not just listen but work on making a connection. It may surprise some that they are able to do this. This means they are taking the first steps to connecting. It is easy to dismiss a ‘sensing’ but it is important to be as aware of these connections as if you were crossing a street full of traffic. The speed of messages may take some getting used to and be careful that it does not become too many to get to for the saying is the first step but the presentation and posting is the important second step.”


     # 2.   “I will begin. This is what was referred to as those of us who are ready to speak. We have been ready for some time, but had to wait until this time. Be calm as you begin to shift to faster writing and faster response. It should never be a concern that would cause any negativity. Simply write fast and do not procrastinate on the next step of presentation.  I have here another to speak so I leave.”


     # 3. ” I am used to slower speech but I too must change to a different pattern. I am one to speak my words with clarity and smoothness, but like a river it must flow quickly. You will begin to sense more quickly as you feel the need and impact of the message given. We will say here that in the middle of turmoil do not think that you cannot take a message. Simply follow the same pattern and as much as possible write the words quickly.   We see you understand the change in pattern.”


     # 4. ” I am delighted to speak today. I have waited long for this and my words will flow and you will know me. I give quick directions. If all of the words are not captured take a few moments and review and I believe you will find the words come to you. I say this because I will send them. We are a group, the four of us, but there will also be individuals who come with their message. Continue on your path of service. I will return, but for now, we all go.”



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