January 12, 2016

     “Good morning. As you have seen, my persona takes the form of smaller birds. This makes it easier to be seen. The speeding up is more obvious. My message today is singular. The length of time that it has taken to cover the necessary steps has been wearing on patience. Many, many have turned off their ability to hear and see because there were no visible signs. They will have a harder adjustment time. As speed enters the picture there will be the necessity to make my presence known in flight so keep an alert eye. You will find more intense alertness is required. Though protected there are those who would try to scramble the communication. If a mesage is not clear, continue to write the excess amount of words and as said before, there will be those who will surround the area to make a clearer environment. Do not try to be a perfectionist but there may be times when you place the words for others to perceive the meaning. When there are other messages you will be given the words to pass on – no more and no less, but exactly as said. This you have done, but there may be gaps in the message presented. There may be a deliberate reason for this. As you can see, it is a different unpredictable pattern. Have faith in the process.”



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