January 14, 2016

     “Your preparation will help to speed up the messages needed. The environment is beginning to change in a different pattern. The earth itself is absorbing the specified energies being sent. Yet the most important – the opening change of self lags behind. This is understandable as many begin their opening practice but are then sidetracked with daily requirements. Stitll, even a small change, a step forward will prove beneficial.

     The bells will begin to ring. Not the bells of earthly building or musical instruments but the high pitch bells from other spaces. It may be that only a few will hear or perhaps more than expected at a higher realm. However, they manifest, it will be an enlightening experience. We too wait with anticipation as never before changes long planned begin. The work is done on the first step. How it will be perceived is yet to be seen. God’s Light will shine, either inwardly or in the Sky.”

(Note: The Preparation is having a yellow pad and pen in each room for faster response.)
(I have hummingbirds close all the time but there were two that seemed to be flying as a unit and one very close.   I asked “Is that you, Sandalphon?” The answer was “Yes, in living color.”



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