January 21, 2016
10:51 p.m.
The Burning Ones

     ‘We begin again. The String Of Events to come will be like so many things that become out of balance. Depending on the force of the action the reactions felt may be momentary or they may be long , everlasting. To prepare for things not previous experienced is a challenge and not all steps available work for all people. Calmness is an essential selection that sometimes takes steel nerves. Selection of actions to be taken or thoughts to piece together may feel out of reach. Taking a breath and slowly exhaling is well known and can be helpful. Others may have experienced situations previously that provide a choice of action to be made. Panic is to be avoided at all cost.

     In the middle or perhaps even at the beginning, confidence must be assumed. Those who can find that will be able to help others who are around them. Self must come quickly to move to a large stage of action. The time inbetween messages previously may give an idea of the unknown yet sensed action being taken and created. We are communicating at this time to spread these words. Know that our Light will shine.”



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