January 22, 2016

     “Hello again. Here is our message. The weather is bringing notice to the needs of Mother Earth. The need that is evident is the water needed for the expression of growth. This is not only food but all the other expressions of nature. We see the beauty but many take it for granted. Water, of course, is essential. The other essential need is balance, for things cannot grow that is overly covered on earth. These are all known abc facts, but it does not appear to be manifested in the care presently given to the earth. You will find change, but it will be in small doses. The Light we speak of will shine at the appropriate time. 

     Now we move to the inner selves. It is obviously a need to manage the human body yet many neglect or ignore the unseen deeds. If this continues, the body manifests its concern and complaint. It is like the overweight person who continues to feed incorrect food with hopes of good health. As we move into the stressful time it is important to recognize these facts.”




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