January 26, 2016

     private greeting… “It has been long since I spoke. It is true that things are moving along quickly. The changes will be different in that the time available to give thought to returning to normal will be hard to find. Most mental advancement requires time to think, but prepare yourself for quick thinking as said before.

   Remember, remember Light Will Prevail. It may not be evident and it may take more time than you expect, but it will prevail and the Light will be beautiful. For those who are following our words, please realize that some things can be told and some things must be experienced without more detailed explanation. I come at this time because many are wavering. They do not trust their instincts because they cannot see what is happening. This is where faith comes in.

     In the middle of action, there will not be time for decision that takes long careful thinking. This is INSTINCT first and then follow through on action. Once that step is taken, it will then be the time to look at the broader picture and its result. Rest may not find a place to manifest, but if there is time, then take the step.   I go but I am close by.”




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