January 24, 2016

      “A word. Time is moving forward quickly. Other than the snow and weather conditions things seem to be moving on smoothly. This is sometimes the case when in truth there are some fast moving events in progress. The often mentioned Sky Signals seem to have little effect for the interest is not there or when seen there is no sign to indicate change or presence. Then, there will be a sudden change. It is the suddenness that will cause imbalance. This has been mentioned before but words do not seem to have much impact. So I say to you, let your sensing stay wide open. Do not look or listen for a particular pattern of either Sound or Sensing. 

     The steps to follow will be in a general mode of SENSE, LOOK, LISTEN, ACT, or STAND YOUR GROUND. Do not chastize yourself if movements and or actions do not work as planned. Remember to breathe as smoothly as possible. Calm the Animals, Calm Self.



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