January 29, 2016
Adriane and Marcia

      “Adriane, we hear you. We understand your frustration. Here is our reasoning: Warning, as has been surmised, can be overdone. We feel that in this time period there is so much going on that it takes stronger clues to get attention.”

     (a: Why do we need clues at all? If you’re going to warn, you need to be specific. You need to give them something specific to look for.)

     “How does one choose? Do we send the entire package, you might call it. Do we create fear?’ (a: Warning with no specifics is causing more fear than if they knew what to expect.) “We are under certain restrictions.    

   “We are under certain restrictions. We do not, as you already know, always agree. However, we have been given a formula which we believe will cause alertness. We take what you say with good thought and perhaps we can modify the words. We will check and see as we are at this stage receivers, not developers.”

   (a: The formula and the format needs adjustment because it is causing fear. It leaves too much to the imagination.)

   (m: Adriane would like to know if you know what to expect.)

   “We are closing information format and giving it a review. Because you feel strongly we accept that as change being taken. We will begin with our next message to modify the present pattern. We paused to see if we could begin now. This has been revised and so I carry this message as a result of your advisement.”

   “Hear this: We have been advised that a new approach is appropriate. We send this clearer message for clearer understanding. The weather, as has already been seen will be intense in many areas. This may cause flooding or severe cold. The mental adjustment will be as important as the physical body adjusting to different weather patterns. Additionally, those who are imbalanced mentally or who lean to serious illegal things will manifest more often. This may not affect individuals, but the awareness of its increase will make people afraid. It will be like ‘where can you go to be safe.’ There will be unpredictable behaviors not seen before except rarely. This will come from those who are mentally unbalanced and the question will be Why?

     You have already seen people pulling inwardly even if they do not realize it. Each home will begin to have a separateness. There will be inner hiding, meaning individuals who pull inward and in that manner separate from that which disturbs them. TRUST will become an uncommon thing. ANGER will become more viewable. Those who have a calm demeanor may explode and those who are relied on for steadiness will be like different people. There may be even a word or name coined for this reaction for it will be very prevalent.

     Turmoil in the World itself will come in different patterns and different heavy reactions. These, we believe, will have a tiring effect on the physical body. Children may seem more nervous and that will manifest. What is to come is the difficulty of finding peace. You can read all the guidance given in books or from people or professionals, but it will be extremely hard to buffer yourself when you are surrounded. Families may find discord where before there was none. This will take awareness and practice to keep it under control. Put all these in the Earth Environment and watch how things change.

     We feel that your assignment given recently will be effective. It may begin slowly, but as the steps are taken, the piece will come together sometimes causing an ‘oh now I understand reaction’. Your gift may, as happened with the Site, start slowly, but it will then be read by those who find it.


   # 2.   ” Adriane, my dear friend, it is time to begin. Your work will take time and I believe you are not used to that categorization being on your calendar of life. Begin, walk away if the words don’t come, rest your mind and it will be there. I wish to make a suggestion which can be accepted or not. The morning for you will be the best time to have an open mind that can receive helpful guidelines. If you receive a word that puzzles you as to why it appears, let it sit and you can insert what comes to you, meaning continue with that section of writing knowing that the sentence or paragraph you’re having trouble with will come. If you feel something missing, do not send the last part until the missing is inserted. This does not mean a long wait, it simply means it takes a little bit of time for the sentence to compose in your mind, so do not get frustrated.”

 # 3. ” Adriane, you will be surprised that even though a word or paragraph doesn’t flow forward, all of a sudden it will be there so do not let frustration appear. Think of it as a pause but write it down, if possible, as soon as you hear it. We thank you for your guidance and we hope you are pleased at the rapid change we have made.

     Marcia, keep your pace, ask questions and learn as you read. We hope we have given direct paths to follow. We salute you both.”




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