February 4, 2016
12:12 a.m.

      “I have come at a quieter time for a smoother translation. The information that I have to give will not be totally understood. It is for thoughtful contemplation. In the middle of the night there is a flow, a smoothness in the atmosphere that helps translate the message, and so I begin.

     Trillions of years ago the Celestials who manifested on earth were more attached to the beyond than those who are here at this time. As a result, there are gaps of remembering and knowing that would be manifesting ordinarily. This is why we take oppotunities to send information knowing that it will not be totally understood. We will be introducing color in the near future. They will have beauty in their formation, but they will also have meaning. The symbol will not be easily understood nor the energy that the color carries. Still, they can open inner awareness and even a sense of familiarity. This may nudge a remembering from the past. if you sense something which is not totally complete, take what you hear or feel and do not worry about the missing pieces. BLUE, yes I dopped that color name into your thought. I will not comment on that further at this time.

     Now we move forward to a different subject. The Sounds that were mentioned previously have begun to make their entrance. Most will not be aware at this stage. For those who are comfortable with the Sound I say this – let it fall around you. Mentally see it doing that which is somewhat like light rain. Imbeded in the sound is a circle of very fine particles. These particles are also somewhat like rain, but they are not visible. Different sounds have different aspects though this is not easily discernable. You may feel the color and some may be quite comfortable in the knowing of long ago knowledge coming again. Don’t dwell on it, but keep it in mind. That is all for now. I must go.”


(12:44 a.m. m: I felt cold air in the room but did not hear any message. I tried to sleep when a loud clap of air was at my left ear – like a strong ‘pop’. I thought it was a signal to make the connection again, but another reason was given.) “I am here. The Color Sound has been implanted. It is not necessary to know the color or try to sense it. When the color ‘drops’, it brings a vibration with it. Accept it as a normal happening. Now I go.”

(1:42 – 2:11a.m.)     (m: There was another cold breeze, a signal.)

         “It is not often that we repeat at night hours, but the connection channel is open. Pink is a color that is associated with softness yet it has strength that can expand with surprising results. It is like the strength of a rope which is a totally different category. You may wonder why I choose pink. It is like opening a door. The Light seems softer as the door is open, but when it has been opened fully, the impact is much stronger. Why should you consider Pink? Because pink has a Light of its own and solid strength that is not obvious.

     We will see much information that is new arriving by Adriane. We are giving bits and pieces, but her coming work will be new and in depth. It is a puzzle at this point as to why new information is being given in a time of turmoil. It is a gift in the larger sense for it will be a forerunner of use in the future. That is all we can say at this time. These smaller bits of information will at times be the forerunner of that to come.   You might say insight to a door opening. As will be made clear, the new insight will not be for the majority of people. It will be for those at the higher dimensional level. It cannot be understood by those who have not advanced to those levels. With those words I announce a big step forward with knowledge from the Celestial realms. They cannot be understood unless heard by those at these higher levels. I go now with a feeling of accomplishment.”



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