February 5, 2016
Marcia and Adriane

     “We are here to bring Light.  You both are here to bring Light in different ways.  Some of our guidance may take time to perceive.  Adriane, this is a pattern to use.  You will hear the message and then when you are working with inner Light Colors you will see how it fits with what you are to do.  This is an expansion of thought.  We give the picture or image or literally the thought itself and then between, you will come back to the next step.

     At first, as is true with most new endeavors this will be step by step, but then it will grow quickly.  You will be surprised to see how process falls in place step by step.  Adriane, we will be speaking with you more often for this will provide guidance on new information.  You may feel like a juggler at times, but it will all develop clearly.”


# 2.   “Hello from beyond.  I normally do not come in daylight hours so this is truly an exception.  I am specifically interested in giving some of the color information that will open doors for Adriane.  I know her well and we have worked together before.  You see, Adriane, I have not forgotten you.  We will start with small pieces of color.  The majesty and power will come later.  It is like looking at color first and then seeing and understanding where it can go, meaning, is it best to be enlarged or a smaller size?  Is it best to hint at its power or bring it forth after more familarity with the color itself?  Further, should it be in steps along other colors before the power it has alone is revealed?  You see, there is much thought before the actual colors will show.  You can use earth, nature color examples if it is a spectrum involved in the higher ones.  If not, use the clearest examples of either – that which can be close together for emphasis.  Though important, once you begin, you will enjoy this seemingly mammoth project.”

     (m: I heard Yellow, yellow.)  “Adriane, if you hear a single color as I justdemonstrated, let it find comfort in your mind and find inner and outer guidance.”  (m:  He says to you: “I love my space.  I love color and I love the fact that after millenniums of time we three will bring an incredible knowing which will be timely. I bid you adieu and I will be available for Light.”



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