February 5, 2016
Marcia and Adriane

     “We are a troop. We are new. We visit seldom. We know you are aware of us and our Ship. We feel the kinship. We speak rarely to those beyond yet we speak to you a hello. We see, we hear, we know. This is our first venture with speech which is why we asked for a song of recognition.” (m: I sang a short song for them, one of songs I sing with no knowing of the words or the melody until it is expressed. It is never repeated the same and I do not know the meaning, but this short one was very emotional.)

     “Your emotional cloud like reaction shows a connection which we will now use. We see your phone talk connection and we are aware of that Light that shows. Welcome to her for I see that you are heard and so to her I say: I speak, I am aware of you. I know your task that lies ahead and it may be considered mammoth, but then is there not beauty in tall mountains? 

   (To m: Your name, repeat please. My name here is Marcia, my celestial name is Joy for I love to make people smile.) We see and we greet you anew. Your desire to speak we know of and this is the beginning. If you hear words inside or in your yard, it is from us. We are many though it does not and will not show at this time. We will make ourselves more known in other ways. Ah, I have many names. I will choose for this event of a connection on earth. You may call me JOSHUA, a Biblical name but also my name. I bid you both adieu and yet I’m still here.” (m: Thank you so very much. I look forward to talking with you.”   (a: Is he the Joshua from a message before?) “No, but I’ve heard of it. I must go.” 



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