February 7, 2016
Marcia and Adriane

         “We will come at different times of the day or night. The reason is the flow of information needed to cover the information we want to share.

     PURPLE is a color that more is known about because of its connection with royalty from the past. The color is held with deep respect and there is more awareness of meanings than other colors. Still, there is much to be learned in how we manage it and how it is used. It is never used in a playful way as the royalty background is honored. Handle Purple as if it is glass easily broken. The power within it can be stretched and the importance learned in stages. Comparison should be the first step. How do the Blue colors, as an addition, affect the overall feeling. When do you see purple and how many people are ready to be aware of change and embrace it more readily. Look at the order of the times that the color turns to interesting your thought.”


February 8, 2016

     “We will appear and disappear. We will give short learning and long bits of information. This is why it is important to have a process. We will add to what we gave on Purple, but we have information for Adriane to use. As we said, this is a major undertaking, but once the basics have been made that is how it wil show. You will find it much easier to know whether to wait on information or process with sharing it. As you surmise, Adriane, you will find what you need and it may surprise you that almost all of a sudden you see a different way of proceeding. We chose this small part on Purple because people are more aware of its royal beginning. Surprisingly, to us people on earth take color for granted. We are not artists. This will open their eyes to the importance of color. 

     Adriane, BLUE – that is all we say in this sentence because i will cushion information coming to you sometimes late at night. As happened with the word KALEIDOSCOPE it came to you. We have no worries as to correct reception for if there is an error, we will correct it. Take steps with confidence for if there is a bump or two in the management, it will be ruled out.

     I would like to say to you, Adriane, that I am quite pleased with your zeal for the work ahead. We already have the steps in mind, the colors that will appear almost magically and the work involved we know will be carried on with care in all aspects. 

     Marcia, we know your determination is to get something right. You, too, will receive thought and ideas to share with Adriane. Each of you will be coloring in your mind. Though we will not always give directions for you, together you will sense what to do. This message we ask to be posted. To help in the organization we will give directions if there is a change.”


February 8, 2016

     “You will find we are quite imaginative in getting your attention. (a curtain rod fell). Listen carefully. When dealing with advanced colors it is important to be aware of careful attitude and handling. This warning is for all who are reading the words or thinking on the subject at various times. Those who do not heed this advice may be shaken to find that there are reactions. These are for coloring, but to be aware of what we share.

     An incredible amount of people never take the time to admire colors except at daybreak and night fall. You have personally called attention to a wondrous sight in the Sky only to have the other give it an uninterested glance. We are intent on bringing information on the change in color and it will be presented. In the middle of New Thought, do not let information cloud that which can be somewhat overwhelming. Take in what you can and let the rest, the puzzling part, rest until that door of understanding opens. Keep open to viewing and watch as there will be times when a particular color suddenly shows up in your everyday life. You will be surprised how simple awareness can bring forth new thought. For the artists who can hardly wait, pace yourself and do not go too far too fast. Let the artistic ideas come to you. Leave room to listen. We go.”



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