February 10, 2016

     “The beautiful sign in the Sky is the first of many. We are aware that this has been noticed by only a few as it is still early. You are right in surmising that for the most part the signs will only last a short time. As many will be working it will go unnoticed. Still, it has accomplished its journey. We are aware that for the majority, even those reading the messages, that the significance cannot yet be known. It can only be like putting a puzzle together. Patience weaves itself slowly. It is better to absorb the sight if leaving for a camera takes much time for it will disappear. We leave for now.”


     Note: A wooden box holding cards was on the floor – their signal today for communication. The first sign was of a very wide, huge streaming cloud stretching from north to south over the edge of my yard. Beautiful! Later there was a cloud shaped like a small door with perfect dimensions. A body outline showed someone handing something forward and an image of a person was holding arms streetching outward like something was being received. 


Later:   “We now see that there is a reaction that we have not mentioned. That is the tiredness that can be felt when these signals leave their energy. It is difficult for those who work who attribute this to their work. This cannot be avoided for with the beauty there is, we will call it , unusual energy that is draining. This may be felt for awhile and we cannot predict when it will change. There will be stronger images as time progresses. Do not assume a message is attached for in this case, the message is in the shape and eventually in the color. It will puzzle many. Those who are in the cloud area will, of course, not know what is happening but that does not mean there is no action. Keep alert and let the memories be as part of the jigsaw puzzle. You have much to see and will have much to describe. It does not have to be perfect for there will be readers who sense and see what is being described. We go for now.” 



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