February 12, 2016
12:13 a.m. 

     “Beginning a message at night has its advantage and disadvantage, an open time to speak, yet the body calls for sleep. We will shorten our message. As the Sun in the Sky is taken for granted, it only comes into the mind when the heat becomes intense. When Sounds become a nuisance that of course draws attention. It is when change comes ‘out of the blue’ the various reactions surface and this sometimes leads to harsh reactions, fear or in some cases, instant worry. If intent to hold balance is concentrated on, these other reactions can be managed. Take time to mentally prepare because that is where intent lies.”


12:58 a.m.     Getting The Body Balanced 

     “Once upon a time. We thought that line would help balance the energy. The energies accumulating overhead is what is causing the extra tension. It may be necessary to try various things to get the body in balance. Some of these guidelines may seem too commonplace, but if one of them works the body will be able to function at a more normal pace. Take a ‘time out’ and then we will continue.”


Note: This was intense energy, a toss and turn result, a high energy that was interfering with needed sleep. When I was told to get the body in balance I did what works for me, but not for most. I got up from my bed and had a cup of coffee as I paced back and forth. From the last sentence they expected to continue, but as soon as I returned I was gone with sleep. There is a ship over my house and that plus the energies…..never made it to the continued message.


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