February 14, 2016

2:34 a.m.

     “PEACE BE UNTO YOU. Many years ago a child was born with knowing. At his side was his mother and father as well as family members waiting for his arrival. There is much to be known of the childhood and guidance that was given at the time. These family members had a close connection with much love. In this time we seldom see the bond that was present at that time.   Though there were many questions unanswered there was purpose. In this time frame the opposite is seen. Though there are many bonded families the opposite is prevalent. Discord and anger prevails. At this time of change it is important that there be support of one another in familiies and in friendship. We see the lone wolves you might say – those who travel a single path who, for the most part walk their path alone. Whatever is the category you are in, walk your path with awareness. Be more aware of needed balance, but while creating it, reach out in small ways to others, to people you do not know or have little contact with. There have been passing connections that have changed lives.

     Now we switch to a different subject. Love, not romantic love, but love that enlightens. Too many souls with warmth of spirit do not reach out and show the Light within. Opening the door to the inner self is not always easy to do as it is often misunderstood. This is the challenge that lies ahead. Too many who have had difficult trials have the door to their inner self locked tight. So I say to you who are in this category, open the inner door. Though there may not be an avenue or a reception, open the inner door. Let the Light stream out for many times the Inner Light is there for the Self. I go but I will return.”                                                   



February 14, 2016

4:50 a.m.

     “We will begin again. As you receive messages for the future, take time to think on the information given in a quiet setting. Too often we are seeing a message received, partly understood and then set aside. The words given have been discussed and carefully chosen, yet they are often read and then dismissed. Curiousity is the basis of many of the readings. Though truth is recognized it is not given a second deeper thought and much is missed. I bring this to the attention of those who have good intent, but do not follow through. It is when further contemplation is taken that more understanding will be available. Those who are at the more enlightened stage also know that quiet reception leads to other doors of understanding opening. Take each step. Do not try to perceive everything in one reading. Your work is consistent and will increase. The information coming forth from Adriane will give many openings for discovery of new vistas. Read them carefully and more than once. It will take quiet thought to perceive the teaching behind the words.”




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