February 18, 2016

     “We are counting days. For the most part the world is progressing with unusual happenings and anger. There are groups and individuals who are in a different span of time. It is like two worlds and, in fact, that is what it is. These worlds will begin to feel separate as one group feels a ‘divide’ in attitude and feeling. The feeling of standing alone even in a crowd. This is not accidental. It is part awareness and part sensing and some have pulled into a separateness that feels right and comfortable. In this mode there is much being received and sensed whether knowingly or a feeling, an inner ‘something’. It is or can be confusing. A few find it comforting. The Sounds are there, but for most they are muted, but their energy has manifested even if the ears have not heard. 

     Turning like a wheel, time moves on and then it will seem to stop with stillness surrounded all. Honor that stillness if possible. STOP MOVEMENT, STOP THOUGHT, JUST BE. Then, from that moment of silence plan ahead – what to do next. Shift your mind to expectation. Clear the field of thoughts and wait. From that moment of silence, plan ahead, what to do next. Shift your mind to expectation. CLEAR THE FIELD OF THOUGHTS AND WAIT. From that moment forward, open the door, the Inner Door and follow the guidance, the sending, the knowing. Be Calm, but be Swift in Thought and Deed. Do not rush your thought, let it flow forward. To those who hear these words I send a connection to hold open. Be Within but Be Outward and Upward with your actions. I speak to thee, to three, and to those who respect the words given.”



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