February 18, 2016
Marcia and Adriane

     (Note: This was a different kind of channeling. The message was given in categories. One section, a pause inbetween and then the next. No answer was given until the sections were finished.)

     “2 and 2 together can make 4. 1 and 1 can also make 2 so you have a 1, a 2, another 2, and four. Together it is like a clan with midden meanings.”

                                         ________           _________

   “YEllOW   –   BLUE –   PURPLe   Sunlight prevails. Around and around a circle goes carrying its special gift of energies.

     Night time comes and goes but always there is the pattern unbroken.Sunlight spreads and leaves its mark on earth and its people.”

                                  _________       __________

      “Listen well has been said before so we say ‘listen well and look below. Sense the earth, connect with Her. Send your Light and watch it glow. People come and people go.”   (m: I saw someone writing on a board butthere were no words.) This board will be covered with Signs and Symbols unknown. That is why the board is blank. What is written is not to be seen at this time.”

                                           _________     ___________

     “RED, VERY RED, DEEP RED, GREEN on the outside.

They are together but do not touch. Leave them be as they commingle.’

                                         __________   ___________

     I ask you now, Adriane, do you not see a pattern?

(Adriane:   The Numbers were Nine which means Completion.

       The first colors were spiritual colors and the colors that were just given are the Colors of the Angel before the Tree Of Life.

       The circle is Infinity, the Completion Of Spirit. Basically, it is a message of Everything Becoming One.) 

     “Do you now see how we are creating a pattern for words for those who can understand or can learn. We treasure our knowledge and as you know, we are very cautious in sharing them. Be aware of colors arriving. They may be small or large or a combination of both. You will feel as if you want to wrap the colors around you. This is allowed as long as there is respect.”




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