February 18, 2016
Marcia and Adriane

(Note: This was a long channeling as there were stops made and sensing had to be used to know when the next words would begin.   I heard the words and that the talk was to both – Adriane and myself.)

     “The happenings will remain in memory. That is all we can say at this time. It will, we feel, creep up on everyone. We have gathered as you see by the words in a sacred circle.   We do this to honor the time you live in. We do this to surround our energies for different purposes. Some you may sense, but we choose not to speak it.

     Adriane, the colors to come have changed somewhat since you last were involved with them. However, the regalness stays the same or in a few cases has grown. We ask you to hear us in this circle and surprisingly the hearing may come later. We just want you to know its origin. Peace be to you for it can surround you. We follow your steps and we know the Light. It will shine. Be patient if steps are somewhat different than what you might expect. The transition in the status of some colors has been created recently. We say that so you do not have an expectation of the former color mixtures. We sing a song in our minds and we send it on a cushion and present it to you. Again, be at peace.” (m: I feel they are humming it silently – like in their minds and it is circling counter clockwise. It’s actually in a circle above their heads and moving from a soft beginning to speed not seen on earth. You may get glimpses of the colors used, but the combinations are to be kept silent.”

     (a: Why are the colors so dark?) “The darkness indicates heaviness – the amountn of energy that is moving.’ (a: Deep tones of color. Deep jewel tones.) “Yes, that is very accurate. (a: These colors are more crystalized than the ones I was used to working with before they were true Light.)

“Dear Adriane, do you not know we have absorbed some of your Light and yes permission was granted.” (m: I had a feeling they were sending Love with the tones.) “We observed some of the deep Light under the Earth. You wil become very proud of these new combinations. We have sung our song and we will now disperse.”




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