February 19, 2016
Marcia and Adriane

     “Adriane, we meet in person so to speak and yes, Marcia, this can be added to the site. I know you well Adriane from a distance. I am glad that you recognize my signal. The work has begun on your mission for it is already taking form in your head and in your mind. This should be of comfort to you for once you began you already see that the pieces are falling in place. I know you from the time of Jesus and that is all I will say at this time. 

     I came today for the connection to be solidified and knew that you had been told my signal. That was the first step which moved swiftly. If you are open to short messages they can be sent to Marcia for recording and at times added on to. The reason for my connection is because of the variety of color information that will flow forward like water. You may find yourself surprised at how easy it is for you to move forward with information from long ago. I may send you a one word color or combination of color. Then you can take the step, if you choose, to have a longer, fuller channeled information. In other words, giving the idea or subject and then through Marcia’s channeling hearing more information. Very simply, I am here to help.”




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