February 22, 2016

     “The words come swiftly. It has been a long road of preparation with many words spoken. There are those who have absorbed the meaning and, of course, those who read out of curiosity. This has been said before, but we often repeat for emphasis. The Light that will shine cannot be ignored. New learning will appear and disappear in the blink of an eye. It can be overwhelming and speed has been mentioned many times. This can easily add stress as also has been told. Still, the words fly by like birds or a tale told. Drink more water is a fairly new issue. As the energies are speeding up this is an important aspect that needs to be implemented.

     Shield your eyes we repeat again for the Light is strong. You stand alone at times like these even if there are others nearby. THIS IS BECAUSE CONCENTRATION IS NEEDED ON SELF. Hear this: People change, not an unknown fact but be aware that there is not usually sudden change. This takes adjustment to others. I wish there be a smoother route but it cannot be. YOU ARE NOT ALONE is my message. There are more than you can imagine who are from other dimensions who are here to help. STAY STEADY.”


(m; From a distance I heard: WE ARE 3.)




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