February 22, 2016

     “Tomorrow is a long way off when you are waiting. It is even longer when a specific time frame is manifesting. We see wonders in the sky, but they are not noticed. We come now to advise that as these days and weeks pass you will not have to wonder ‘where are the signs’. They will appear in their wonder. Frustration is beginning to manifest. Some of this is a remnant of body reactions. Others are reacting to something that has no name and no knowing. Stop as often as is needed and where time is available. Try not to think of any accomplishment needed, just pause. If it feels right, also listen. Some are already doing this because they are hearing the higher sounds. The listening, the hearing is being done correctly because it is noted without comparison. Cold Water, again, an emphasis on the need in the body for the stronger water. If you cannot find a name or a reason for any change, try to flow with the adaptation. These words will have more meaning as things around you appear to have more density. This, too, shall pass. Gird yourself as the body adjusts to Time Change and Growth.”



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