February 27, 2016
Marcia and Adriane

     “We are here as of now. We are delighted with the opportunity for both to be present. It is obvious to you and to others in general that there is increasing stress. This leads to unthinkable reactions of a serious negative state. It is best to have some distance if possible from those who are literally falling apart. (The crystals we will explain off the site. m: I received a gift of crystals.)

     Adriane, we have so much to share that when life is not so hectic, possibly we can arrange a time previous to our coming. Then, we can link several things together that need explanation. There are quite a few people who are seeing the signs and we are delighted that this is so. Remember to catalog mentally what you see. Writing it down will help, but we encourage mental logging so it is more accessible. Adriane, we feel your planning on coming writing is accurate. We are interested in the colors and form that you choose for the writings. We can look ahead but we prefer to see it develop.

     There will be many aspects that will surprise you as will the pieces that fit together. We prefer the original thoughts you had/have. Your fast mind tends to see many possibilities and that makes it difficult to choose. Marcia, the pace of the messages is strong and there are those who are already putting pieces together. You, Adriane, will be surprised as you may begin to get questions.”

 # 2. I come at a call and I speak quickly. We have said we are organizing and it has a busy but smooth flowing action. The incredible amount of time spent on every detail is falling into quick placement.   PURPLE, again, a code for three. This purple, Adriane, is the kind that is your favorite and that can be explained later. We have many eyes on it at the Celestial Level. They are not intrusive because they are seeing their work in a finished state. It is rather like a mother looking at her newborn child.       We see and hear when we choose, much frustration. This has been handled for the most part by the individual. for when it is not, there is usually severe reactions.

     Waiting, the world is waiting and so do we. We await the signal just as earth awaits the signs. Being alert without worry is the proper manner. There are and will be ships who have their location and are either already there or waiting for the call. We feel this as a time when calmnesss should be developed and not worry over what will be. I salute you and to others be aware that you are also being saluted. I go for now with my name inside, but I will return. Be at peace.”



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