March 2, 2016

      “Listen well. The increased energy you feel is from a mixture of energies you are not used to. These energies are New To Earth. They take adjustment and your body is releasing some of them. Later you will acclimate and will find it will flow more easily. There will be numerous adjustments, some easy, some difficult. Think of it as trying on new clothes. All these changes coming can be very distracting which can lead to confusion of the mind. Again, as has been said before, stopping for a moment of silence is a good thing to do. For some people hearing may be challenged, meaning adjusting to unusual tones. There is no permanent damage, just annoyance.

     It has come to our attention that some people have a mistaken idea of some of some of the meanings. They may come and go or they may linger causing annoyance. Panic needs to be avoided. Some adjustments may take days. After years describing what to expect, it may seem strange to adjust to things that have been repeated many times. Patience with the learning scale will vary greatly. A child may understand faster than an adult.

     Again we say ‘Listen Well’ – remember guidance which has been given. Be patient with yourself and others for they may not be patient with you and others who adjust quickly. Persevere and encourage Self. We are done for now. We suggest water for the higher energy adjustment. We will return.”


(m: Throughout the message my left leg jerked every three or four seconds.)



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