March 5, 2016

1:13 a.m. 

      “It is late, but the energies are clearer. You were told you would be very busy and this is the beginning. Hear this. As time speeds up, begin to be conscious of Balance – balance of the mind and balance of the body. If you can accomplish that there will be more of a peaceful attitude. Gird yourself and remember that not all want to know of coming events. You have noticed that the Sounds are getting stronger. This is an idea of what is to come.

     It is a new balancing act to greet the newness of opening doors and yet define yourself to buffer the vibrations. It is repetitive, but once again observe, become more aware of how the body is already reacting. When the mind speeds up or seems to take a little vacation, it is well worthwhile to once again remember to stop for a moment of silence. It is not that it is especially for guidance, it is a momentary resting action. Those who have children can teach this as a buffer for their own balancing. “ALL WILL BE WELL” is a quick phrase that will also be a good teaching tool.

     Now, a moment for another awareness. The trees, nature, animals will begin to sense ‘something’, a difference or be affected by the Sounds. They will obviously need calming and reassuring. They are adaptable and love always helps. Lastly, those who are aware should not forget the Celestials who, though unseen, are close by. You and others would be awed at the number of ships that are positioned out of sight. Remember, the doors are opening and new awareness will manifest. This may take some real adjustment as there will not be time for slow adjustment. The Light Will Shine. Hold that thought close to your heart and share it with others.”



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