MARCH 5, 2016

     “The letter of the law moves quickly when summoned. Listen and give to Adriane. The time has come, Adriane, to have your ears open celestially, meaning listen beyond earth knowing. The tides turn quickly and though speed has been predicted, you, Marcia, have seen how difficult it is to immediately speed. The clouds do not show signs, but that does not mean that there is no action. When I say “Get Home” it means that the time is right to process certain unknown things and that the message needs to be transcribed and distributed. All is clear on the outside, but higher realms show otherwise. As the coming events are swift, it is important to be ready for change and/or a message before the doors close. Water, drink more water. I would advise this for others, but more so when writing, hearing messages is involved. We, too, must adjust. Turnover – that is a term seldom used but it covers the earth territory.




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