March 5, 2016

      “As the energies make your body jerk and you register the uncomfortable part, remember that the source of the energy is coming from within. This allows for balance within. You and others may wonder if there is an easier way as the inner part has not yet manifested. You will look back and remember that you thought this could be eliminated. Your body changes and others will soon realize the advantage of having gone through these steps for it will turn out to be a comforting aspect. In the immediate days to come, pay more attention to SOUND than to SIGNS. OBSERVE AND LISTEN TO THE TONE AND VOLUME. AS THINGS PROGRESS, BE AWARE OF DIFFERENCES. These Sounds can also be used for signals though that is not their primary function. Don’t discuss this with others unless another person comments. Listen well to what they say for understanding sometimes comes from the misunderstanding of others.

     The newness, the learning can be overwhelming. Don’t push for understanding. Simply let the learning proceed at its own pace. When another is sincerely interested let guidance lead the explanation. Do not forget the part that PATIENCE plays. Be at peace.


(The energy of this message was very difficult to handle.)


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