March 6, 2016

      “Change is hardly easy for anyone unless it is something desired. People spend much time thinking “if only I could…” When involved in events of just daily lives the time spent on order and daily requirements aimost requires patterns of behavior. Going outside of routines can be helpful or frustrating, whether because of what one must think of becoming catch up time or being uncomfortable outside of a pattern. How then will you and others react to one change after another? If you have children, how will they react? With coming changes fear of the unknown must be overcome. The feeling of helplessness can grow in one’s mind when calmness can overcome it. Here is a little clue but a helpful one. Take A Walk. If there is no real opportunity, use your own yard or even within your house. It is the simple methods that are sometimes overlooked. As spoken before, All Will Be Well is a phrase to use. Help others, but only if they do not show annoyance. Find what works for you. Be patient and calm. ALL WILL BE WELL.



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