March 6, 2016

      “Peace be unto you. Millions of words have been said as clues to a better understanding of not only what is to come, but what to do. The quiet time works for us, but it is also when to notice the signal from nature. A creeping awareness of unease is a physical reaction to a body sensing something different. When these signs become stronger and unavoidable then the nerves begin to show. This is the body’s way of protection, a built in process. This can be thought of as helpful or the opposite – annoying. It depends on how you can mentally manage your state of mind. This may take practice at mental control. 

     Water helps the body with some needed balance. Pacing helps to relieve if it is done in a standard controlled way. This is not an easy ‘ride’ nor has that been suggested.” 


(Note: There may have been more to this message, but I took off to somewhere in sleep.)


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