March 9, 2016

      “We come again and we speak to you and others. The signs in the Sky are called beautiful and then dismissed from thought. It is when the colors and sounds appear that more attention will be made. Perhaps this is the way the human body reacts. When the body begins to show various changes it will become clearer why there was so much discomfort for the two are in some ways linked.

     The days go by quickly and we are ever ready for the signal to alert earth to the new beginning. Like birth it takes time, but the waiting is worth the Coming Of The Lord’s Wishes. We feel we have given the proper amount of preparation warnings. The guidance that comes next will be more realistic. AT EACH STEP YOU MUST FIND THE ANSWER THAT COMPLETES THE ENTIRE KNOWING FOR A PARTICULAR ACTION. It may come quickly or it may come after much thought. Experience will fill in the empty spaces that explain the meanings. We tell you this to keep frustration at a low limit. PERSEVERE. Your strength will be tested. We go for now.”



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