March 11, 2016

     “We are here. Gird yourself, for energies have increased. Have you not noticed the intensity level and the pets playfulness? it is good to be aware for it shows the body is reacting to the higher intensity. Yes, over and over we have said the energies are moving higher and becoming stronger and yet at this stage you see that the acclimation level is stronger and more uncomfortable. There is nothing we can do to alleviate the intensity. You must walk through it and find what works best for you. The chills you are experiencing are not lessening in the near future so you must mentally find what works best for you. 

     Tangled energies does not mean there has been a mistake. The energies entangled on their way to earth. This is not a mistake and allowances have been made for this happening. The first real change is the awareness that you cannot soothe or diminish the intensity of these energies. Each individual must find their comfort zone. You, perhaps, are the type who must wade through while others have a different technique. The rocking back and forth may help as long as the cadence is consistent. 

     Now we give you and the sincere readers another view or choice. Singing, humming, can be done with short sounds if it is done quickly and can be done without losing concentration. Care for the body as we approach ever closer to unusual events. There are many whose focus is on other things who will find they will not have the balance and protection needed. We formerly said Think Ahead, but now we say Be Alert, focus, but do not add tension for that closes all the steps forward. Be patient with animals as their energy is speeding up. STEADY, that is the best word for now. Be steady, be calm, be confident. We go for now.”



Note: (m: I am adding my experience because it may help others in finding what works. Previously I mentioned the jerking in my left leg and putting pressure on my feet (barefoot) helped somewhat. This message – I kept getting chills and found if I put something soft around my neck it helped.   The energies this time affected the right foot and then both. The energy became more and more intense. I found that if I stood up and placed the yellow pad on the top of the high back chair I could write with less intensity. That helped a couple of minutes. I then shifted my writing to the top of a cabinet. There is, as they say, no way to lessen the intense feeling.   Rocking sideways was a new thing I tried and that helped also and then pacing. I hummed with no particular choice of music. Afterwards I put a scoop of cold water on the top of my head. That helped in calming my body. My two dogs…one 5 months old and one 4 years old bounced around and played without any appearance of tiredness. Today was the first time I was able to see ‘energies’ in the air since they were showing frequently two years ago, but in the last week there have been at least ten signs in the sky.     If I feel very high intensity outside I walk counter clockwise in circles smaller and smaller. If necessary, I begin again until the energies have settled. I hope this helps.)



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