March 11, 2016
Marcia with Marc

     (m: Note: To understand Sandalphon’s first sentence I have to explain how I found he was close by. My 5 month old pup was staring up at the sky. I looked up and on the wire was a beautiful little bird …a color I can’t describe but seemed to be gray. He did not take his eyes off the bird and I realized it was Sandalphon.)

     “Your pup is very alert to sense me on the line. This message is somewhat different. We will begin.

     Long ago there was only a spark of Light on earth but its Light could be seen for miles. This Holy Light was surrounded, but this was unseen. It only took a spark of the Heavenly Light. It was, in a sense, dormant for a long period of time, and then it grew and its light formed a circle and the circle was called THE SUN. From that forward it has shone Heavenly Light. You will see a change, but do not look at it directly. With the change comes thunder. This may or may not be heard, but there will be a sensing of something different. As we begin this phase you have already discovered that once again you can see the energies in the air. This is what I call Earth Signal, meaning a Sign or Signal that can be seen and felt. These are many things that have been announced and are affecting people in many ways. I am talking about anger, frustration, illness and in some cases despair. This is like a Phase Of Adjustment. Its effects will come and go. Some will be very sensitive and some reacting with nerves, but not knowing why. You see crime infushed with anger. Listen Well for the Beginning Steps take Awareness and Endurance.

     Marc, take hold of your energies. See them as if looking at another person. As with others, take a breath, a long one.   Mentally separate yourself which can give you time to create balance. This is also a technique for others. Again, listen well, this is for all. Put your priorities in order. Step back – look at Self and Actions as if observing a movie. Then step back mentally and this is important, CREATE A CALM SPACE – not a major production, but simply a CREATIVE SPACE that can hold your body. Let the outside be as if covered with gray. In other words, do not get caught up and tangled in the mesh of anger. As the days pass you will or should see what is meant by speed. I will be here and there and will come again, perhaps in different form.   I SPEAK TO ALL. PREPARE YOUR MIND. THAT IS THE FIRST STEP. That is all I have to say at this moment.”




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