March 14, 2016

     “I come at an opportune time as the energies have calmed today. We are, as said before, ever closer to change. The effects of these changes will be many different mental and emotional ranges. They cannot all be ‘cured’ on the spot but calmness in voice and body will have the greatest effect.

     We have armies of hidden entities. They are near but out of sight. They are here to provide guidance and support with all their many skills. Much of it will be silent, but for those there may be a sensing of ‘something’. I seek to spread my signature of calming fragrance. Now listen my child, it is in the first moments that strength must be brought forth. Waiting weakens its strength so this is the first step. I will be in and out of range. Stand sturdy. The animals will survive, but they will need reassurance. I go for now, but I will return.”



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