March 18, 2016

     “When the time comes for people to listen and the Signs and Sounds begin to be heard, it will not be welcomed as it should be. To those who have followed the Light, who have traveled the path of waiting, it will be greeted with a mixture of joy and apprehension. The newness will be awesome like seeing lightning for the first time.

     So now I speak to that time so long awaited – THE NEW BEGINNING. It will be overwhelming and will be long remembered. Treasure what you see for the Love and the Care is without measure.

     Now hear this: Those who doubt will hold on to that doubt as long as they can. It will be their way of individual support. This will nor last, but it will offer a buffer for the first time. No one and nothing can prepare you totally, so I say to all who read my words, We Are Here. We are with you. You are not alone. Remember this and hold the thought close within. Be at peace. I AM WITH YOU.




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