March 21, 2016

5:26 a.m. 

     “Our message comes quickly as we choose a time when there is less congestion. There are many lines of communication in place for quick connection. Some messages may not be clear in their meaning. So many people are struggling with the changing time. We can only say Persevere. This is not new guidance, but a repeat of a word which is best expressed for the moment as well as the future Nerves are frayed though there are Light Workers who have a good grip on steps forward. The absence of a discussion is somewhat disturbing, but in its own way the learning process is an individual one. Within that framework of learning, strength and confidence is being developed. We marvel at the determination of those who fight for calmness as they learn to adjust to body changes and energy effects. Now we say, as has been said before, the Light will come, the Light will shine. Those who have scoffed at things their minds cannot comprehend will hide their ignorance as the TIME OF BEGINNING ARRIVES IN FORM. Stay patient, work on it, determine in your mind to correct any imbalance once you feel impatience. Feel the energies, adjust to them. All will become clear. We go but we are close by.”




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