March 27, 2016

     “Coming soon” are words which have led to much anticipation and much disappointment. There was no mistake in the message, but a difference in events. All has been planned and all is as it should be. This may seem strange but time will show steps and explanations. Listen well, those of you who have ears to hear the underlying meanings of the words. 

     This Special Day honors God’s love. It honors the Spirit within. The trees that withstand the storm are strong and can stand steady or bend with the air. It is good to follow the example in nature. Now watch it change and see the opposite of these results. Hear the birds sing but notice, where are they the last couple of days? Why is there more quietness? Lean forward and notice the emptiness of Sound. Stay vigilant in being alert. It is the small signal that guides. Count the hours, count the days. Watch time fly by. Listen I say. Listen with your ears but also listen with your mind. Stay steady. I SAY, STAY STEADY.









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