March 27, 2016

      “In the morning there is the day to look forward to. Most people have a pattern they follow. It is when the pattern doesn’t fit that you see signs of stress. We assure you that it is a step that must be taken and that is adjusting to no pattern. It is like camping and not knowing the path to be taken the next day. With the patterns we have given it is necessary to say that there will be a wide range of adaptation. What works for one person does not work for another, even in the same household. You can see that this takes adjustment and patience. The children will, for the most part, find it easiesr than the adults.

     So many times we have given similar directions, but in doing so we have given A FOUNDATION TO FOLLOW. We are very aware there are those who skim through the words looking for an interesting fact, but in doing so they forget it is the simple step which is important. We can only guide and teach. It is up to each individual to set the mind and walk the steps. It is the small step that will help guide you through uncertainty. It is you who must take the steps and follow the path. The Light Will Shine. Keep that important truth in your mind. God will be with you. The Light Will Shine.”




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