March 27, 2016

     “I will appear quickly, give my message and go. I should be easy to see as most of the birds are not in the yard as usual. The important thing for all listeners is Not To Get Complacent. Remember that things will move quickly. I ask you to have pen and pad within easy reach. Listen to the Sounds has been said many times, but now the listening must be more exact. Where is the sound coming from, does the next sound stay the same or does it have a different tone? How much time and space is there inbetween tones? How long does the tone last? In other words, start adding to your knowing. The effect on the body may be minimal, but add that to your list of knowledge. 

     To Adriane: I say follow the guidelines just given and see if you sense color which may be there but out of sight. Ignore any blockage that hinders your looking or knowing. It is not as strong as it might appear. Remember BLUE. Surround yourself with it if the energies become stronger. Do not be deceived by the repetition of information. Each is for a reason. Take notes if possible on Sound Intensity or any uneveness in the atmosphere. The Time For Speeding Up Has Begun. Rest when necessary. You will need your strength. To both I say – Create Calmness.”



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