March 28, 2016

      “Peace be to you. We come from afar. There are many who want to contribute their knowledge. We know of the patterns of guidance that have been given. It would seem that there is a circle of help revolving covering the same subject, yet there is much more to be given. We have waited until the time is right for our contribution. There are many levels of guidance. Some are directed to a small audience. Being grounded is a direction that is somewhat different from the other steps, This is a situation where the body begins to feel differently. You are familiar with energies, but there is an aspect many will experience. The body begins to feel like it is not anchored, a feeling of floating even when standing still. There may be a feeling of floating. There may be a tendency of following the sense of flying. This is your body adjusting to a different dimension. 

     Each person has to find the steps which help the body to stay grounded. It isn’t that you cannot float, but it is special to bring about the connection. Be aware of the possibility of floating, yet grounding the body You may find that mentally your brain wants to float also. Simply stay grounded in one piece, one body. The body will be able to handle the changes in a better way. Drink a glass of cold water. This will also help to stabilize your inner and outer body.   Be At Peace.”



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