March 29, 2016

     “We have come to add to the sequence of that which is to come. The wait has been long and the signs in the sky have not been seen by many people. The Light Workers are many in number, but at this time they are scattered and all waiting, waiting. Nothing can be done to speed up the process. All is moving forward as planned. Listen carefully for the unspoken words hidden among those that are spoken. The colors are bright and shining in their glory and yet not seen. Their time will come. Gathering around there are seers overlooking and closely watching the advancing as the pieces come together. 

     Green is a color we would bring to your attention. Notice the color in nature and see the leaves light up.   See the ground you are able to walk on. Feel the earth below. Look at nature. Close your eyes and look again. What differences do you see? It may not appear so, but we are progressing. Nature’s signs of change are there to be seen. The Glory Of God shows in the Majesty of the Earth’s Glory.

     Man has destroyed much of earth’s beauty. Look at what you have. Treasure it for there is great connection and things to learn for those who really see. The days grow long and yet time is speeding forward. Be open to that which is around you. Take notice and take time to listen. We Are Here.”



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