September 7, 2017

     “This will begin a time where writing must speed up. The actions present will require quickness. Peace will be absent in many places and courage and yes, patience will be required.

     I speak now to specific readers who read between and behind the words, who use their keen sensing to know meanings behind the words. Do not be too quick to reach a conclusion, an understanding. Go slow and calmly let the meanings come to you. You have guidance, but it will be somewhat more difficult than your usual learning. Do Not let this lead to frustration, simply read and sense with calmness. It may come to you later.

     To ALL who read, you too may need patience as there may be a gap in the words. WE ARE APPROACHING A CONFUSING TIME.   IT IS CONFUSING BECAUSE IT IS NEW. Those who are quick minded may be surprised to find that the mind seems to be reacting differently. This will be a result of outer influences.

     I bring attention to CHANGE. At this early step forward it is best not to analyze. This will be confusing to those who are of a mind set of analyzing. Be Patient. Do not expect to understand as you have done in the past. To you, Marcia, your eyes are quick. Follow the same pattern, prepared to have the tools to write at hand. PEACE BE WITHIN TO ALL WHO HEAR MY WORDS.”


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